Girls School:

Al-A'lã started its girls school in 2011 with a vision to create a highly conducive environment for young girls where they can learn skill set, specially designed for girls, keeping in view their psychology.

The fact that it is an all girls’ school with even teaching staff being purely female, makes it best to groom teenage girls who at their tender age need both protection and guidance before they set out to face the world on their own. Our teaching staff consists of mature female teachers who have high values and help greatly in character building process of young girls.

The school aims to groom young girls so that they are able to deal with life in the best way possible. They actively participate in the classroom, sports, and extracurricular activities. They willingly take risks, assume leadership roles, and speak in public.

Within one year, Alhumdulilah, Al-A'lã Girls’ School has earned a reputation for providing girls with a rigorous academic program coupled with the nurturing environment they need to become young women of character, confidence, and heart. Our hope is that each student who leaves Al-A'lã understands that an education such as hers is a privilege, and with that privilege is a responsibility to make a positive contribution to the world she lives in. InshaAllah!