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Al-A'lã is an O Level oriented school, striving for educational excellence. Since 1999 its faculty and parents have partnered to provide the very best for each child. Aspiring to become a world-class educational centre,
Al-A'lã provides a balanced education to mould students intellectually, spiritually and physically. The school’s curriculum strives to produce a blue-print of an integrated programme where Islamic teachings and values are imbedded across all subject areas. The campus offers a complete and fully resourced environment for teachers and students.
Al-A'lã, has proudly earned an outstanding reputation and is highly respected as an educational institution in Lahore.

It is comprised of three branches with hundreds of students and numerous teaching and non-teaching staff.


Managing Director's Message

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Welcome to Al-A'lã a school where excellence in education is one of our standards and strands, where good and positive character matters, where dedication is the minimum requirement from students, teachers, and staff, and where having fun comes second to education. Our Prophet (SAW) said: “Seeking knowledge is required of every Muslim.” Thus he laid the foundations for us to cherish learning, and respect those who seek it.

Al-A'lã upholds the Islamic tradition of great respect for knowledge and an open spirit of inquiry. The rich vein of excellence in learning within the Islamic heritage is the foundation of the rigorous academic programme which is intended to serve the needs of the modern world without sacrificing our moral and spiritual values. Since the Islamic faith addresses the complete personality, it is Al-A'lã‘s philosophy that knowledge of the world and practice of our beliefs should be integrated into a cohesive whole. The school seeks to develop in our students the values which define a Muslim: honesty, compassion, respect for self and others, pride in work, a commitment to justice, and acceptance of differences.

Our mission is to develop a Muslim generation capable of analytical and critical thinking who become Muslims by conviction and who will strive to fulfil their role as Allah's vicegerent on earth and for whom Islam is a complete way of life. This is achieved by developing a balanced and wholesome Islamic personality whereby one's behaviour and attitude are guided through training of the spirit, intellect and emotion as well as developing a sound and healthy body. We ask Almighty Allah (SWT) to grant us the guidance, the wisdom, the means and enable us all to succeed.

We take great pleasure to invite you to Al-A'lã to see our commitment towards an all-round education for our young students. We also encourage you to assist us in maintaining and improving our fine project, so that we will continue to be known not only for our academic achievements, but also for our adherence to Islamic principles of correctness and discipline. Strive with us, learn with us, smile with us, and be patient as we continue to grow together.

Wassalamu Alaikum
Tayyiba Imtiaz

    17 Years of Al-A‘la Quality
  • Jan 03 Eid Milad un Nabi S.A.W
  • Jan 05 School Reopens+2nd Semester Commences
  • Jan19- Jan22 Declamation Contest (1st Round)
  • Jan 30 Bake Sale ( O'Levels)
  • Jan 31-Feb 07 Feb Assessments
  • 17 Years of Al-A‘la Commitment
  • Feb 05 Kashmir Day
  • Feb 13 Result of Feb Assessments
  • Feb 13 Sports Day Juniors
  • Feb 20 Sports Day Seniors
  • Feb 25- Feb 26 Declamation Contest (2nd Round)
  • Feb 27 Bake sale (Gr V-VIII)
  • Mar 9- Mar18 Monthly Exams (Sr-1) + Mocks (Sr-2&3)
  • Mar19 Kangaroo Competition
  • 17 Years of Al-A‘la Success
  • Mar 23 Pakistan Day
  • Mar 26 Declamation Contest (Final Round)
  • Mar 27 Files to be sent home + Bake Sale (G I-IV)
  • Apr 6-9 Art Attack
  • Apr 10 2nd PTC
  • Apr 25 Farewell Party
  • Apr 30 Last Day of Sr-3
  • May 01 Labour Day Holiday
  • May 11- May23 Second Semester Exams
  • May 25 Summer Camp Starts
  • 17 Years of Al-A‘la Dedication
  • May28/May 29 School is out party & Teacher Appreciation Day
  • June 06 Report cards to be collected & Teachers’ Luncheon